Commercial Solar Control Window Films

ProShield Glass Tinting, is an authorized installing dealer for Madico Window Films, recognized leader in solar control window film technology. For over 100 years, Madico has pioneered countless new film products to better suite our customer’s needs.


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Commercial solar control

  • Commercial solar control window film offer a more clean and uniformed look to any glass while reducing energy costs, increasing occupant comfort and improving productivity as well as aesthetics.
  • Madico window films reject solar heat and blocks over 99% of damaging ultraviolet rays. In summer, their films reject up to 80% of the sun’s solar energy, helping to reduce air conditioning costs while providing consistent room temperature no matter where the sun is shining. In the winter, the same film helps retain interior warmth. No matter the season Madico window films can save you money by reducing energy cost associated with heating and cooling of any building or office.
  • Window film also, improves aesthetics from the outside while helping protect interior furnishings from fading on the inside. It also provides a sleek, finished look to any building’s exterior, eliminating visual clutter and adding value to your investment.
  • Solar Control Window Films can also help buildings gain points to becoming LEED building Certified and adhere to environmental standards. Achieving LEED Certification aids buildings in reducing operating costs, attracting potential tenants and becoming a more comfortable work place.
  • The bottom line is solar window film provides energy savings, reduce cost, increase comfort and improve the aesthetics of any building.

                    Protect merchandise and materials from fading caused by the sun!

    Before and After

Why choose Us?

ProShield Glass Tinting, offers professional window film installation for your commercial environment. With over 23 years of industry experience, we are equipped with the industry knowledge, skills and tools required to perform outstanding service.

We are a fully licensed and insured contractor, offering flexible installation and consulting times by working during regular business hours, after-hours or weekends while insuring a disruption free environment. All our work are backed by a strong manufacturer’s warranty.

Contact our commercial window film specialist today. We’d love to provide you with a complimentary quote or schedule a free in person or over the phone consultation to better assist you with your commercial window film options.

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Window Film
Window Film
Before- Window Film
After- Window Film

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